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Children bowl fun and good can not be heated in the microwave
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Because of the light, beautiful and resistant, melamine cutlery (also known as "porcelain tableware") in the restaurant, canteen widely used, many parents will buy children with. However, the Guangdong Provincial Quality Inspection Hospital, the recent sampling results show that melamine tableware there are many security risks, such as bright patterns of heavy metal lead transfer than the bright pattern of the obvious high, but used in the microwave or in the higher When the temperature is used for a long time, it is easier to move the formaldehyde and melamine in the product. Therefore, melamine tableware is best to buy white and internal non-patterned products, do not put in the microwave heating.
Risk 1
There are bright patterns of heavy metal migration is currently on the market there are many specifically for infants and young children's melamine tableware, in order to improve the children's appetite, using a lovely cartoon shape. This product is directly exposed to the inner layer of food is often painted with bright colors, and printing ink may contain all kinds of heavy metals, these heavy metals will be used in the process of migration to food?
To this end, the inspectors conducted a comparative test and found that in the presence of acidic food, contact with the food layer with bright patterns of 19 batches of samples in 14 batches of detection of heavy metal lead, and the amount of migration relative to no bright pattern of samples , Obviously much higher. Heavy metal lead once into the human body, not easily discharged by the human body, there will be cumulative effect, when the lead content reaches a certain concentration, will affect the normal development of children's intelligence.
Reminder: try to use white and internal non-patterned products Guangdong Provincial Quality Supervision Institute senior engineer Liu Yangmei suggested that consumers in the purchase of food directly in the melamine tableware, try to use white and internal non-patterned products, especially infants and young children Melamine cutlery.
In addition, the test data show that with the immersion time, lead migration increased. Recommended consumers do not use melamine tableware long-term placement of vinegar, lemon juice and other acidic foods.

Risk 2
Scavenging a high amount of formaldehyde in the process of using melamine-formaldehyde resin in the process of long-term use of melamine cutlery, melamine tableware will gradually wear the outer surface, then the smooth outer surface After the wear, will move out of formaldehyde and melamine, causing harm to the human body?
Testing personnel also carried out targeted testing and found that different cleaning methods, melamine tableware in the repeated use of the risk factor after a large difference. If the conventional method of cleaning ten times, all samples of formaldehyde and melamine transferred out of the amount of national standards within the limits, we can rest assured that use. However, if it is scrubbed ten times with a steel ball, the amount of formaldehyde migration will increase by about twice.
Reminder: only with a brush cloth or dishwasher cleaning So, Liu Yang Mei suggested that consumers in the use of melamine cutlery, do not use steel ball wash rinse, otherwise the tableware surface gloss damage, leaving a lot of scratches, Making the product of formaldehyde and melamine easier to migrate out.
If you encounter particularly difficult to wash the dirt, you can first soaked with detergent, and then take the brush cloth wash, or directly with a dishwasher cleaning.

Risk 3
Long-term high temperature heating harmful substances more and more melamine tableware normal use temperature range of 0 ℃ to 120 ℃, more than the use of temperature heating melamine tableware, such as 200 ℃ hot oil for 10 minutes, the product will start bubbling The At this point, part of the melamine resin will break down, resulting in more formaldehyde and melamine, should immediately stop using.
However, in actual use, melamine tableware in full bloom food temperature is not so high, unless you eat hot pot with melamine chopsticks and a few cases. Therefore, the test personnel selected part of the sample heated at 100 ℃ for 4 hours and found that more than one sample of formaldehyde migration is greater than the national standard limit, melamine migration with the heating time is gradually increased, and product appearance Significant changes, began to bubble, crack, can not continue to use.
Reminder: Do not let the temperature is too high food for six months for a change Therefore, Liu Yang Mei suggested that consumers avoid the use of melamine tableware to hold too high temperature food, do not place in the hot iron plate or soup pot insulation. Use at high temperatures, pay attention to control the time, as soon as possible to transfer hot food to ceramic or glassware. Use melamine cutlery business, it is recommended to replace melamine cutlery every six months.

Risk 4
Pollution resistance is not easy to filthy Many people found that some melamine tableware use for a long time will be yellow. At this time you have to be careful, these products may be substandard pollution resistance indicators.
At yesterday's conference site, the inspectors put melamine cutlery into a red dye solution for 10 minutes to compare the extent to which different products were dyed. As a result, some products were almost "unchanging" and some Turned into red, indicating resistance to pollution, but off.
"The sampling of 100 batches of samples of 25 batches of unqualified, substandard items are pollution-resistant." Liu Yang said that pollution-resistant substandard will lead to daily life of soy sauce, vinegar and other easy to penetrate melamine tableware , Easy to remove, resulting in tableware wash is not clean, easy to filth, breed bacteria.
Reminder: melamine tableware yellow and black do not use the child if the bowl of melamine tableware with a long time, has been adsorbed on the pigment, grease, coffee stains and other stubborn stains, tableware will be yellow and black, then with the general Cleaning method is no longer feasible, it is recommended to replace.

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