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Melamine tableware manufacturers describe how chopsticks use
Edit:Dongguan Wan Shan melamine products limited   UpDate:2016-09-14

Chopsticks is a traditional Chinese dishes, with the development of society, chopsticks material are also divided into several common melamine tableware, bamboo and wood, metal and other materials. For the use of chopsticks, chopsticks are a family we use. Often we will ignore the following:
1, chopsticks best done one person at home, the family try not to mix with chopsticks. Because mixing, likely to cause cross-infection diseases. In particular, some bacterial infections.
2, cleaning them thoroughly. People often rubbed a chopsticks on the water, plug into the chopstick holder even after washing. As everyone knows, the chopsticks are easy to breed bacteria and food into the body, harmful to human health. Correct washing method should be: use detergent carefully rub the chopsticks, drain the water, then put a chopstick holder. Moreover, chopstick holder should select a hollow, not at the bottom of stagnant water, as well as for regular cleaning and disinfection.
3, chopsticks replace once every six months. In some families, a pair of chopsticks for two or three years is a common thing. But chopsticks when used for a long time, the surface is no longer smooth and often rub is also easy to make chopsticks has become rough, there were many small grooves, easy residual bacteria.
Whether melamine tableware factory production chopstick or chopsticks, we should pay attention to the safe use of the saying goes, "eating out of the disease", the incidence of various diseases now are very high. From the details we want to do well, for health with our family.

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