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Selection of melamine bowls and bowls in children
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Selecting tableware for the baby, and material requirements on particular stress. Ceramic tableware good cleaning, and easily hot, but quality more heavy, and easy fell broken; plastic tableware like beautiful, and anti-fell, but in processing process in the will added some solvent, and can plastic agent and coloring agent,, has must toxicity, and easy attached grease, difficult cleaning, friction Hou easy up side and edges; wood business tableware texture natural, and soft, but easy breeding bacteria, and bad cleaning, and surface paint components complex......

Currently on the market designed specifically for baby cutlery are mostly similar plastic melamine tableware. These dishes is a chemical name for polypropylene (PP) made of melamine, commonly known as melamine tableware. Polypropylene (PP) made of cutlery can withstand the temperature range of -20~120 degrees Celsius, the baby is not in daily use and disinfection of aging, in the temperature range of use is also very safe.

Melamine tableware (melamine)

"Advantages" texture and soft, smooth porcelain, very thin , not afraid of drop deformation, insulation, and burns , chemical stability, easy to remnants of food.

"Worried" some unscrupulous manufacturers are making fake melamine tableware , use will be harmful to the human body.

"Recommended" ★ to regular store purchases , select the paint evenly, no distortion, and smooth, clear decal, no wrinkle, rub fastness products.

★ Regular melamine tableware companies at the bottom for more information and QS production license and number.

Why special baby cutlery is tile (melamine) made, hard to find traces of the other material tableware? Because of the tile (melamine) table lighter, not easily broken, and not afraid to burn the child's hand is used when convenient for children to eat by themselves , while polypropylene PP (melamine) good heat tolerance, made relatively safe.


In order to make the baby more appetite, many special dishes are decorated with cute baby cartoons. Some of these cartoons outside of the tableware, some painted in the middle of tableware. Tableware pattern color painted on fall out? Filled with some kind of food color will it be dissolved? These are mothers in choosing baby cutlery issues of concern. So many mothers choose only outside of the tableware tableware with carved patterns.

Selecting tableware for the baby, look for the regular well-known mother brand is very important. In General, the brand is national inspection departments after rigorous testing, and often painted with cartoon pattern tableware of color are mostly single, light color, the color does not have an impact on children's health.


Special cutlery features everything for babies. Base Bowl with a suction cup, just learning to eat baby is very suitable for use . The bowl base cups can be adsorbed on the desktop, avoid Bowl move, not easily upset baby.

You can also choose to slip on the bottom of the Bowl design of , can also have non-slip effect.

Selected for the baby Bowl, rounded shape is a good choice, because round table more useful, do not let the baby was hurt by cutlery edges and round table can also avoid leakage in the baby in the soup.

When you select a bowl, also note that Bowl handle design is easy for baby to hold, easy to hold utensils to stir interest in baby meals. Baby foods for hot paste, in order to move the Bowl when better skid resistant and prevent burns , the best choice on the dual/Dan Er have slip/anti-hot rubber design. Of course, if taking into account the delicate fingers of the baby and the effort is small , Bowl shape to be adjusted accordingly, it is the best.


Boiling hot water immersion disinfection. Cleaning with a soft cloth , do not use scouring pad, steel ball surface of things like clean dishes, or clean the dishes, making them more vulnerable to pollution.