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What is melamine tableware
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What is melamine tableware:

Now melamine tableware became more popular, it prevails after a ceramic, plastic, stainless steel, is increasingly becoming an international popular dishes, then what is melamine tableware, many people at first glance, listen to the words, may be relatively new, simple to introduce today what is melamine tableware.

Key amine tableware and said imitation porcelain tableware, and beauty resistance dish tableware, so imitation porcelain tableware and beauty resistance dish tableware actually from literally Shang is compared easy understanding of, imitation porcelain tableware of mean that key amine tableware, it itself has ceramic of gloss and the texture, so said imitation porcelain, beauty resistance dish tableware of literally mean that beautiful, durable of vessels, to, we can simple of understand to, key amine tableware of some advantages: it lightweight, beautiful, durable and so on.

What is melamine? From a scientific perspective, Melamine tableware are polymers, English as the abbreviations MF, units for formaldehyde and melamine. 37% formaldehyde aqueous solution used by the response, monomer molar ratio of formaldehyde and melamine in two 2~3. Studies have shown that [1]: with the increasing amount of formaldehyde, formaldehyde is also greater, response is easy; change the formaldehyde content, can be produced by different methylol melamine melamine resin system at pH=8.5, with less adverse reactions, reaction control; high temperature, speed, in the 54~80℃ range has little influence on the combined amount of formaldehyde. Reaction is the first step into a different number of n-hydroxy-methyl-substituted, and then further synthesis of linear shrinkage resin. In General, the conditions are different, have different molecular weight products, soluble in water, insoluble in water, and can even generate does not dissolve non-consumable solid. Melamine resin is not curing at room temperature, generally require heat-cured in a 130~150℃. Studies show that cured it with a little acid as catalyst can improve cure rates. Curing of melamine-formaldehyde resin is colorless and transparent, stable in boiling water, you can even use 150 ℃ high temperature, with self-extinguishing, arc resistance and good mechanical properties.

What is melamine?

Due to the melamine powder price is higher, so some unscrupulous traders in pursuit of profit, use urea-formaldehyde moulding powder as raw material to produce; using urea-formaldehyde moulding powder as raw materials, after they were done in the external surface coated with melamine tableware powder. Use utensils made in urea-formaldehyde, are harmful to the human body. So when you buy melamine dinnerware, here to give you some advice:

1, go to shopping malls or supermarkets, general stores, supermarkets eliminated without qualification when they introduce products manufacturer; 2, distinction between eligibility approaches: a look at two touching three smell four simple tests

Have a look:

See certificate: key amine tableware certificate Shang must to has QS identifies and number, and implementation standard, and using temperature range, and used raw materials and Enterprise name, and address, and contact way, information (need special note of is, currently market Shang has individual get production license (QS) of manufacturers both production key amine tableware and while production with urea added coating of imitation porcelain with two species different of products, more to alert manufacturers violations using QS certificate, Pigtailed, shoddy. If we cannot determine whether or not qualified, preferably on a simple test methods test can determine whether a product qualified);

Look at the product itself: there is an obvious distortion, chromatic aberration, the surface is smooth, the bottom is uneven, clear decal, wrinkles or air bubbles and so on;

Two touch

Touch the surface is rough, is concave, has color tableware with a white napkin

Paper wipe back and forth whether to fade, another qualified melamine urea formaldehyde resin raw materials in the production of counterfeit tableware has a density over high, than a major characteristic of exactly the same Dimensions and qualified melamine tableware is heavier than phishing melamine Dinnerware 5%;

Three smell

Does smell

Four simple tests

Reference of the melamine standard test method for resistance of simple tests that the product is qualified: in boiling water and cook for 30 minutes, and then fish it out for 1 hour, and repeat 3 times. Tableware if this process appears white, itching, blistering, cracking and smelly and so on, means that dishes may have quality problems: contains formaldehyde and other toxic substances. But good quality products for 4 times without any problem, whether melamine tableware, ceramic, stainless steel cutlery, even though the purchase qualified products, cooked in boiling water sterilization on the one hand, on the other hand you can also promote the remaining material dissolved or volatile;

3, to ask for tickets to stores when buying, such as product quality problems, easy to trace;

4, consumers bought suspected substandard melamine tableware, vendor reports, complaints and related departments in a timely manner.

So, at the top about the use of melamine tableware, we should also pay attention to a few points here:

1. use: resistance temperature of 120 ° c and can be used for ozone sterilizing Cabinet. But this product is not a microwave special utensils, not used in microwave ovens.

2. cleaning: clean with a soft cloth, do not use powder and brush, so as not to cause scars. Wash immediately after bleaching Chong-filled water. Recommended use oxygen bleach soak once a week,

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